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Released 01 September 2021
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Our product configurator CORA enables you to setup and configure your insurance products, whether Life or General, in a simple and fast way. Creating new products becomes a matter of hours instead of weeks.



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Ziad Nasr
General Manager

CORA allows insurers, insureTechs, brokers and aggregators to digitize their process irrespective of their current or future back-office management system.

It gives them freedom to answer their multi-channel needs through different front end-solutions (mobile apps, call center integrations, IVRs, chatbots, web applications, B2B integrations…) built over different technologies and without product reconfiguration while keeping centralized all business configuration, decision and processes.

It's not a traditional online solution, it's not a back-office application. It's an insurance robot that maintains all the sales, underwriting, subscription and renewal rules.

It is a cloud based digital enabler allowing the creation of ON Demand digital Insurance products in hours instead of weeks! … and with no need for advanced technical or IT skills.

Key features

Insurers spend more than 75 days on average to launch new products to market. 

  • Automates the launch of new products
  • Covers both Life and General products
  • Straight forward premium computation logic
  • Dynamic rates tables
  • Global taxes and fees parameters
  • Underwriting and pricing rule engine
  • Integrates with any existing core

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