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Digital Health Engagement

Released 17 November 2022
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At Dialogue, we redefine the approach to employee and customer wellbeing by seamlessly integrating physical activity, mental health support, and holistic wellbeing into one platform. As a digital health engagement leader, we extend our innovative solutions beyond traditional wellness app boundaries, driving meaningful connections between insurers and employers and their respective customers and employees. 

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Wendy Rose
Tictrac by Dialogue
Global Partnerships Director
United Kingdom

About Dialogue 

Partnering with leading global insurers, Dialogue is at the forefront of revolutionizing customer engagement and preventative digital health and wellness, serving 50,000 organizations and almost 7 million individuals.

Developed with The Centre for Behaviour Change at UCL, our platform is a dynamic blend of initiatives. From fitness challenges to one of the most clinically validated self-guided cognitive behavioural therapy programmes, we cater to a wide array of needs. Our resources encompass mental and physical health, finance and career advice, relationships and parenting support, nutrition and healthy recipes, meditation and mindfulness, exercise videos and sleep support. Our goal is to revolutionize daily habits, reduce the risk of physical and mental health issues, and work alongside insurers to mitigate the frequency, duration and severity of health-related concerns and insurance claims.

Our data-driven insights and success stories from various regions reinforce our dedication to promoting universal wellness and effective health management.

Engaging and supporting your members in ways that matter 

At Dialogue, we redefine digital health engagement by marrying technology with human-centric design. Our platform's superb onboarding process amplifies engagement, underpinned by a consumer-focused interface that's intuitive, ensuring user retention and satisfaction. With AI-driven personalisation, we meet consumers' demand for experiences tailored to their preferences, enhancing loyalty and engagement. Our approach incorporates behaviour change techniques and evidence-based recommendations, laying the foundation for trust, credibility, and sustainable habit formation.

We offer clear goal-setting to boost user motivation and app interaction. Our platform brings the element of fun and rewarding experiences through gamification, proven to elevate engagement. Social interaction and competition are harnessed to engage users by tapping into their competitive spirits. Rich media content and campaigns are crafted to cater to diverse learning preferences and increase relevance and user interest, ensuring content resonates at every life stage. Dialogue’s platform is not just an app; it's a journey towards a healthier, more engaged lifestyle, scientifically designed to connect and grow with our users every step of the way.

Every Individual is different. An effective mental health program supports the unique needs of every member. 

Wellbeing platform with iCBT

Developed by internationally recognised mental health experts with 20 years of experience helping patients around the world, our internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) program is available anytime, anywhere, and without the need to make and keep appointments.
  • Empower your members to explore and engage with an extensive library of health and wellbeing content - focused around physical, emotional, financial and social wellbeing in a way that works for them.
  • For those who need more support with mental health. There is a digital cognitive behavior therapy (iCBT) component to the platform.
    • With 15 years in the market and, our CBT program is the most researched & peer-reviewed, to drive real results.
    • It’s a self guided version of cognitive behavioral therapy that helps team members develop practical skills and healthy behaviors to help resolve and prevent mental health issues
    • Includes toolkits for General Anxiety, Depression, Social Anxiety, Loss & Bereavement, Divorce and Separation
  • Proven ROI through Data and actionable insights: understand utilization, improvements in activity levels, and Mental Health Scores, and wellbeing themes and trends in the type of content/topics your members are engaging with.
  • Available anytime, anywhere via mobile app or web browser with zero barriers to access
  • 100% confidential and free to members (no out-of-pocket costs)

The gold standard of iCBT programs. Don’t settle for anything less.

Established - Already 15 years in market helping over 100,000 patients around the world

Scientifically proven - subjected to 8 randomised control trials (RCTs) to ensure the program design is effective in treating mild to moderate mental health issues

Credible - All RCT findings were peer reviewed and published in 19 leading medical and science publications, demonstrating strength in program design 

49,000+ organisations rely on Dialogue for their organisational wellbeing 


With 15 years in the market and 100K patients Digital CBT is heavily researched and peer-reviewed to ensure effective program design:

  • Decreased symptoms of depression in adults with depression, even 12 months after using the program* (Griffiths 2012)
  • Improved self-esteem, empowerment and perceived quality of life in adults with depression* (Crisp 2014)
  • Increased self-reported productivity at work, ability to cope with everyday stress & enjoyment of life* (Crisp 2016)
  • Decreased symptoms of depression in older adults with history of, or at risk for cardiovascular disease* (Glozier 2013)
  • Decreased symptoms of anxiety and increased physical activity levels (in same population)* (Glozier 2013)

Empowering your members to take control of their own wellbeing…. (dependent on whether we want to combine iCBT and WE at high level messaging only - as done above or go down to this level of detail)

  • Empower your members to explore and engage with an extensive library of health and wellbeing content - focused around physical, emotional, financial and social wellbeing in a way that works for them.
  • Support members to develop healthy habits by using the platform to select and make personalized lifestyle/behavioral changes. Members will receive ongoing nudges and motivation
  • Engage your hybrid members through challenges and join other colleagues from across your organization for a monthly activity challenge. It’s a personal choice to join and can help create a sense of connection and belonging for remote or hybrid teams. Our Challenges achieved XX% of our workforce, and increased activity by YY
  • Dynamic campaign model to drive health and wellbeing awareness focus on the health and wellbeing challenges of your member organizations and run awareness or engagement campaigns 


The future of benefits is work life integration “The ultimate goal of perks is to provide better quality of life and to show employers care about employees’ lives as a whole. Dialogue does just that” People Ops Manager of an accredited travel agency

Better positioned to reach full potential “Through Dialogue’s iCBT, plan members can access self-led mental health support for mild to moderate depression and anxiety. By taking a proactive approach to their well-being, they’ll be better positioned to reach their full potential.” Group Customer Executive Vice-President of a global life insurance company

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