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Released 17 April 2023
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Complete technological and legal toolkit, built to manage all Anti Money Laundering (AML) requirements to prevent fraud.



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Alexandra Pugach
Business Development Manager
United Kingdom

"Know Your Customer" (KYC) includes a set of legal regulations intended to prevent fraud and money laundering. KYC system is primarily aimed to verify the legitimacy of your customers’ activities and establish a reputation of a trustworthy company.

KYCAID will take your automated verification to the next level since we offer advanced software solutions leveraging AI algorithms. We provide a range of verification services that include checking the clients’ applications, corporate documents, clients’ addresses, payment methods, conducting face and document verification, providing the proof of funds check, and more. Additionally, support specialists and compliance managers are available 24/7 via chat to address any concerns or issues.

The platform has been operating since 2018 and has evolved into a global compliance service provider that serves 247 territories worldwide, working with over 10,000 documents.

In the insurance industry, KYC compliance is critical to ensure that companies can verify the identities of their customers and mitigate any potential risks. By leveraging KYCAID's comprehensive compliance platform, insurance companies can streamline their processes, improve customer interactions, and reduce risks associated with non-compliance. With the help of KYCAID's AI-based verifications and compliance specialists, insurance companies can ensure that they are compliant with KYC regulations and avoid any legal or financial penalties.

Our payment system is flexible and convenient, with no prepaid tariff plans. Users only pay for the services they use and can use them for at least one year after replenishing their accounts.

If KYC&AML services are new to users or they want to learn more about them, KYCAID's website features a price estimator and industry information in the blog section.

We are committed to ongoing innovation and regularly introduces new services and features to meet the evolving needs of businesses. The platform is well-equipped to provide tailored solutions to meet specific business requirements.

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KYCAID Has Been Certified With ISO 27001 Under Certificate Number ISO/IEC27001.1742 Dated 01.09.2020

Data Protection Registration Number: ZA518341

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