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Released 18 May 2023
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ForMotiv's Behavioral Data Science Platform provides real-time user intent scoring for life insurers to expand accelerated underwriting & instant decisioning. ForMotiv collects and processes unique first-party behavioral data while users engage with your digital forms to predict their intent so carriers can act on it and drive personalized next-best-action for each individual applicant. ForMotiv's Solutions help carriers identify Non-Disclosure, Material Misrepresentation, and Underwriting Risk while predicting purchase intent to improve Placement Rates.

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ForMotiv collects and runs real-time machine learning on their unique, first-party digital customer behavioral dataset, consisting of behaviors such as keystrokes, mouse movements, typing speed, and more, during the application process to predict user intent and enable carriers to act on it by driving a personalized next-best-action for each individual applicant. ForMotiv’s proprietary insurance solutions identify customer intent such as window shoppers vs. high-intent buyers, risky vs. genuine applicants, frustrated or confused users and more.

Carriers are missing a critical dataset when making crucial underwriting decisions…

How are users behaving during the application process?

Turns out, how a user behaves while filling out a digital application is highly indicative of their intent.

ForMotiv’s runs real-time machine learning on tens of thousands of digital behavioral data points captured during the digital application process to instantly and accurately predict the intent of the end-user.

With real-time intent scoring, ForMotiv unlocks an unprecedented level of personalization and enables dynamic experiences tailored to each end-user.

See examples of 8-figure ROI powered by Behavioral Data Science! Book a Demo or contact us via the 'Get in contact now'-button!

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