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Health Intelligence

Released 27 October 2022
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Health Intelligence connects protection and prevention and brings customers and insurers closer together. By integrating into insurance packages, customers receive personalised guidance to improve their health & wellbeing whilst enabling insurers to increase positve touchpoints, better understand customers and develop more targeted propositions.

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Your Digital Health Coach

GenePlanet’s Health Intelligence platform integrates biological data (WGS DNA data and blood test results) with information about clients’ lifestyle and body measurements. Based on the inputs, it creates personalised action plans regarding nutrition, physical exercise, and stress management.

Health Intelligence motivates customers to make positive behavioural changes through goal setting and gamification elements. It provides the tools to monitor progress and support clients as their current health state and health & wellbeing goals evolve.

Partnership for creating a well-being ecosystem

Health Intelligence platform provides the potential for insurers to gain insights and learn more about their customers through our scientifically backed Health Score and various bio-marker inputs allowing insurers to evolve the proposition based on customer needs and the ability to achieve refined risk pricing.

By incorporating our personalised preventive services into insurance products, we help bring our insurance partners and clients closer together.

Benefits for the insurance company

Sales trigger

Sales trigger and marketing tool perfectly aligned to your strategic business goals in order to increase sales.

Market differentiator

Our solutions differentiate life, health & protection propositions to increase brand awareness and attract customers.


Policies with our services achieve higher retention and client engagement by delivering value irrespective of a claim.

Claim cost reduction

Healthier clients aware of their wellbeing needs result in increased profitability through lower, and less severe claims.

Watch the video and find out how our solution benefits insurance partners with their core business and strategic goals.

Customer journey

Customers experience an engaging thematic wellbeing journey powered by their genes. 

The journey consists of 3 main parts:

Introduction: Customers receive their DNA test kit, register on our platform and calculate their Health Score. We invite them to discover more about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and genetic predispositions through various educational content pieces. 

Thematic DNA discovery: Customers receive their DNA results from the areas of nutrition, sports, body and mind. We engage them to follow their personalised recommendations to improve their lifestyle.

Seasonal lifestyle challenges: We engage with customers by focusing on specific themes e.g. Nutrition, Sports and Mind & Wellbeing over the course of a year and invite them to participate in different individual and community challenges with attractive awards. 

Health Intelligence is a modular platform

Health Intelligence platform has several building blocks. The more modules the customers complete, the better equipped the platform is at helping them.

DNA tests
For insurance customers, we offer Lifestyle DNA tests as the main type of DNA tests. We analyse customers' predispositions for key aspects of their everyday life: nutrition, sports, body and mind. 

To offer products of the highest-quality, we analyse customers' DNA with whole genome sequencing (WGS). WGS gives us incomparably more information than the targeted approach used by the majority of DNA test providers. The targeted approach analyses less than one per cent of the genome, while WGS sequences individuals' complete genetic blueprint. In practice, it means that we can identify and take into account a much higher number of relevant genetic variants, making recommendations as accurate and as personalised as possible. As science progresses, it continually uncovers more information about human genetic code. Having the entire genome sequenced enables us to immediately offer new insights as they emerge – without additional testing.

Blood tests

By revealing the current state of our well-being, blood tests are invaluable assets for adopting and keeping track of lifestyle changes to ensure better health. The customers can either take a blood sample at home with a simple home blood collection kit or input the data from the recent blood test to the platform, and it provides them with a clear interpretation of their results.

Body Measurements
Blood pressure and heart rate are important indicators of cardiovascular health and fitness. Height and weight are used to generate body mass index (BMI), which can help identify weight problems. Waist circumference is a good indicator of abdominal fat, while neck circumference can assess body fat when a person doesn’t have a measure of their body fat percentage.

Lifestyle Assessment
A Lifestyle assessment consists of questions regarding different aspects of customers' daily life. They were selected based on scientific studies and WHO guidelines to cover the areas with the biggest impact on health and well-being.

Health Score
Health Score helps customers visualise their current state of well-being. It is calculated based on lifestyle assessment, body measurements and optionally blood test results. Customers can compare their score to others, discover the interactive pie chart showing the impact of each factor on their health, and check the most critical habits they need to improve.

Food ID
Food ID is the intelligent food ranking system that pick-up foods, most suitable for the customers. The calculation takes into account how healthy certain food is in general and how well certain food addresses customers' specific needs, based on the body measurements, DNA or blood test results.

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